In My ViewAre pharmacy schools teaching about health?
Reader Response
DIRs: PBMs Pay Less Each Year While Prices Go UpPBMs have a business model where they pay less even while prices go up.
Dispensed as written: Fingerprints
Networking: The ability to make yourself uncomfortableFor true networking to occur one has to give of oneself, and maybe not so ready to be on the take.
We Missed the Bus the First Time AroundI missed that Dietary Supplement Bus in 1994-- and so did the pharmacy profession.
Keys to Minimizing Prescription Drug ErrorsThere are at least three major areas of concern
Appearance matters: A legible label is the least we can doWhether you like it or not, your patients are paying attention, and judging all of us.
Do Clothes Make the Pharmacist?People are looking--and judging.
When someone else pays, Rx costs soarWhy are Rx drugs so expensive? No one seems to have a good answer.
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