Making the Case for Regulated Marijuana
Making the Case for Regulated MarijuanaPharmacists urged to support controls to the marijuana market but oppose criminalization.
The Opioid Epidemic: Well, It Ain’t My fault … Maybe?The opioid crisis? There is enough blame to go around.
Health System Pharmacies Adopt Next-Generation Tech
Health System Pharmacies Adopt Next-Generation TechIt's time for pharmacies to move into the future: Industry 4.0.
What Makes a Successful Antibiotic Stewardship Program?By understanding factors associated with successful ASPs, we can determine how best to support hospitals in developing good stewardship practices.
Are We Being Played for Suckers?Why are Americans shouldering the burden of paying for drug innovations?
AST: The Linchpin of Antimicrobial StewardshipAntimicrobial susceptibility testing (AST) for newer antibiotics is falling behind because there is a lag time between FDA approval and inclusion in commercial AST devices.
Bread Baking and Health CareMaybe the health-care industry could learn something from Pete Kreckel's mother.
Casting Doubt: Are Compound Interventions Effective?How can we better engage patients for greater adherence rates?
The Future Isn’t So FuturisticA pharmacist looks back at what he was told in pharmacy school.
Staffing Makes the DifferenceIt isn't the number of prescriptions that makes a good day in the pharmacy, it is the staffing.