Shingles vaccine

Transdermal Patch Treatment Options for Postherpetic NeuralgiaLidocaine and capsaicin patches are effective for postherpetic neuralgia.
Shingrix Added to 2018 CDC Adult Immunization ScheduleThe Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices now recommends use of Shingrix for adults aged 50 and over.
Can the New Shingles Vaccine Attract More Takers?The availability of a better shingles vaccine may attract more people to be vaccinated.
What Triggers Shingles?What causes the dormant Varicella zoster virus to erupt as shingles?
Postherpetic Neuralgia: Cause, Treatment, and AvoidanceFor some, the pain of shingles does not fade and turns into postherpetic neuralgia.
New Shingles Vaccine Option for the United StatesFDA and CDC give thumbs up to Shingrix.