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Addressing unique medication adherence issues for patients with schizophrenia
Pharmacy Salary Survey 2016Stress remains a pressing issue, but most community pharmacists are satisfied with compensation and working conditions.
A Class of Their Own-- The Unique Challenges of Type I DiabetesUnderstanding the unique challenges that patients with T1D face can help pharmacists better serve this patient population.
Educating Diabetes Patients About Heart DiseasePharmacists are ideally suited to help educate patients with diabetes and to raise their awareness of how risk factors for CV disease can be controlled.
A Class of Their Own: The Unique Challenges of Type I DiabetesWhile many aspects of diabetes care are universal, patients with type I diabetes (T1D) often face a unique set of obstacles and challenges.
Update on Diabetes TherapyDespite evidence that optimal glycemic control can help reduce disease progression and complications, most patients do not achieve recommended treatment goals.
How Pharmacies are Helping Patients with DiabetesWhen pharmacists get involved in patient care, significant improvements are often seen. Diabetes management is one of the most notable examples.
Remember When: Mail-order pharmacy appeared to be losing momentumOn July 20, 1992, a Drug Topics cover story posed the question, “Is Mail Order bombing?”
Networking: The ability to make yourself uncomfortableFor true networking to occur one has to give of oneself, and maybe not so ready to be on the take.
We Missed the Bus the First Time AroundI missed that Dietary Supplement Bus in 1994-- and so did the pharmacy profession.
Pharmacies Look to Add Value By Offering Tuberculosis TestingAs community pharmacies strive to play a greater role in population health management, could TB testing be an important item on the service menu?
The State of Independent PharmacyDrug Topics Executive Editor Anthony Vecchione sat down with NCPA CEO Douglas Hoey to discuss the current state of independent community pharmacy and some of the pressing issues facing the profession.
Industry study reveals mixed state of affairs for independent community pharmacistsIn 2015, the number of independent pharmacies declined along with prescription volume.
Bridging the online pharmacy knowledge gapA majority of pharmacists don’t talk to patients about online pharmacies.
Study Finds Oral Syringes Better for Liquid Pediatric MedsA randomized controlled study has found that oral syringes are more accurate than dosing cups when parents measure doses of liquid medications for their children.
Study shows benefits of a centralized pharmacy-led prior authorization processPharmacy-led interventions in prior authorization processing resulted in a statistically significant benefit in improving time to PA approval, time to first fill, and time too pick-up.
FDA approves Epclusa (sofosbuvir/velpatasvir) for chronic hepatitis C infectionFDA approved EpclusaTM (sofosbuvir and velpatasvir, (SOF-VEL) for adults with chronic hepatitis C infection both with compensated cirrhosis or without cirrhosis as well as in combination with ribavirin for hepatitis C with decompensated cirrhosis.
Ixazomib for multiple myelomaFDA approved ixazomib (Ninlaro, Takeda) in combination with lenalidomide and dexamethasone
New Study Evaluates the Quality of Medical AppsA team of researchers in Singapore set out to create a quality assessment tool that can be used to evaluate mobile apps that target medication-related problems.
DOJ charges group for generating bogus scripts and cheating government and private insurersThe U.S. Department of Justice charged 16 individuals in Florida federal court as part of an elaborate fraud scheme that allegedly used call centers and kickbacks to generate bogus prescriptions and bilk government and private insurers for $175 million.