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The expanding role of direct oral anticoagulants in the management of thromboembolic diseaseThe goal of this program for pharmacists and technicians is to review the treatment of venous thromboembolism with the class of medications known as direct oral anticoagulants.
Pharmacy then and now: 1963 vs. 2016One difference is immediately noticeable.
Former Walgreens exec honored for contributions to pharmacyAPhA's honorary president of the year talks about his proudest achievements and his vision for the future of the profession
Time to step upPharmacists can make big contributions to the healthcare team — and healthcare systems are leaning on their expertise more and more.
8 reasons to become a pharmacy preceptorFor starters, you get more than you give. Contributor Kelly Howard counts the ways.
A pharmacy business model to squawk aboutThe future of pharmacy can be reduced to a single word.
Building an integrative pharmacy practice: Learn as you goInterested in finding out what integrative/functional pharmacy is all about? Here's a list of resources to get you started — and a thought to take away.
Community pharmacists in California see greater opportunitiesThe California legislature is considering a bill covering comprehensive medication management services under Medi-Cal.
New managed care contracting entity offers expanded services to pharmaciesMembership in buying groups can be important to the survival of independents. Now a new PSAO offers them "comprehensive support."
Buying groups: A powerful resource for indie pharmaciesThey arose to give independent pharmacies buying clout with wholesalers. Now these groups have become full-service organizations with the tools and talent to support successful competition in a chain- and PBM-dominated world.
Pharmacy and precepting: You can’t have one without the otherPrecepting benefits the recipient, the giver, and the profession. Who doesn't like a hat trick?
Pharmacists and patient care: Bring the valueHeck yes, pharmacists belong on healthcare teams. Here's how they can get there.
How to cut pharmacy staff without layoffs or reduced servicesThis health-system pharmacy department found success through a combination of approaches.
Get paid for clinical services: 7 tips for pharmacistsA pioneer in the battle to win medical provider status tells how its done.
Win-Win: Using student pharmacists to extend resourcesSavvy health-system pharmacists seeking to do more with less are putting student pharmacists to work — and it's working.
Telepharmacy pulls hospital through stormA winter storm kept personnel from reaching the hospital. But all the patients got their meds, thanks to telepharmacists.
Compounder robot scores with health systemsOkay, RIVA may be more of a system than a robot. Regardless, this award-winning IV compounder is the one to beat.
FDA to require new boxed warnings on opioids141 generic and 87 branded immediate-release opioid pain medications will be affected.
Antifungal dosing errors prompt FDA warningPrescribing protocols for Noxafil delayed-release tablets and oral suspension are NOT interchangeable. Errors have resulted in hospitalization and death.
ICH volume smaller with DOACs than with warfarinA study of 344 patients with anticoagulant-associated ICH found that when data were adjusted for confounding factors, warfarin use remained independently associated with larger ICH volumes.
New drug approved for gout maintenance therapyLesinurad is indicated as an adjunctive treatment when a xanthine oxidase inhibitor alone is not producing desired results.
Where's the infrastructure for precision medicine?Biomarker tests for molecularly targeted therapies need supportive infrastructure: National Academy of Medicine.
The stroke that shouldn't have beenMolly’s mom had a stroke, followed by hospitalization and weeks of rehabilitation. None of it had to happen.
CMS releases final rule for covered outpatient drugsAMP, FUL, Medicaid Drug Rebate Program, pharmacy reimbursement see changes and clarifications.
New Products for Pharmacists 04-10-2016New Rx, new generics, new formulations, and new OTC