December 2017 DRTPCover_1217
Pharm Tech Certification Board Finishes Beta Version of Compounded Sterile Prep TestA new test will pave the way for a certification in compounded sterile preparation for pharmacy technicians.
Delafloxacin (Baxdela) for Acute Bacterial Skin InfectionsDelafloxacin (Baxdela) for treatment of acute bacterial skin and skin structure infections including cellulitis, wound infection, major cutaneous abscess, and burn infection.
The Drug Topics 2017 Pharmacist Salary SurveyAs pharmacist salaries rise, so do demands.
The Opioid Epidemic: Well, It Ain’t My fault … Maybe?The opioid crisis? There is enough blame to go around.
Readmissions Program Has Unintended ConsequencesA Medicare program to reduce hospital readmissions may cause problems for some elderly patients.
Do Your Patients Know About Double Dosing?The problem affects thousands of people every year.
NCPA Endorses Expanded Tax ReliefCommunity pharmacy group endorses new language in tax reform bill that would help pharmacy owners.
The Dangers of Texting Medical OrdersWhat might seem like a convenient option has led to serious errors.
3 New Initiatives Target Opioid CrisisThe opioid crisis is still getting worse—so what's being done about it?
Medicaid Expansions Mean New Roles for PharmacistsPharmacists will be the most frequent point of contact for new Medicaid patients.
The New Goal for PBMs: TransparencyTraditional pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) have come under fire for what some critics say is a lack of transparency. Opaqueness may be on the way out.
Pediatric Pharmacogenomics Offers Treatment InsightsThink pharmacogenomics is just useful for adults? Think again.