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New Drug ReviewPlecanatide: Approved for Chronic Idiopathic Constipation
View from the ZooValue-Driven Health-Care System: Value for Whom?
In My ViewAre pharmacy schools teaching about health?
Cardiac MattersReversal Agents for Direct-Acting Oral Anticoagulants
How to Deal with Your Worst CustomersAll pharmacists have faced a bad situation with a customer. Here are some tactics for  turning it around—and what to do when you can’t. 
More Older Patients Have Medication Troubles Than You ThinkWhat problems your older patients are having (and what you can do about it).
A Pharmacy Payment Model in the Medical HomeLacking a system by which pharmacist get paid for their expertise and work may be what prevents pharmacists from being integrated into medical homes.
Why Specialty Drug Prices Will Continue to SoarSpecialty drugs will dominate the future of pharmaceuticals.
Social Media, Store Websites, and the PharmacistWhat you need to know about crafting your pharmacy’s 5-star online presence.
Automated IV Compounding Increases Patient SafetyAutomating an IV system is time and cost efficient.
Pharmacists Promote Adherence with Blister PacksHow pharmacies are providing better care for their patients.
How to Cope with Residency StressResidency programs are teaching young pharmacists how to cope with stress.
Toward Better Meds-to-Beds ProgramsTechnology is creating a system to identify patients in need of medication help at discharge.
The Case for Indications on PrescriptionsPutting indications on all prescriptions may reduce errors.
Five Facts About U.S. Drug SpendingWhat you need to know about prescription drugs in America.
Fungal Contamination Case Sheds Light on Serious RiskShipping containers may be carrying mold into cleanrooms.
CE: Heart failure: Pumping up Knowledge, Circulating New Approaches
Top 7 Worst Customer StoriesThe worst of the worst customers that our readers have had the (dis)pleasure of helping.
Small Doses: Pharmacy News Featuring Vaccine Skeptics, an Aspirin-Cancer Link, and MoreEasy-to-swallow bits of news from around the world of pharmacy.