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Genoa MMS: Medication Management for its Community PharmaciesTwo groups are joining forces to enhance medication management.
Flu Season Kicks Off: What to Expect This Year
Flu Season Kicks Off: What to Expect This YearWhat you (and your patients) need to know about flu vaccines this year.
Are We Being Played for Suckers?Why are Americans shouldering the burden of paying for drug innovations?
New App Steers Patients to Independent PharmaciesA new ally in building up independent pharmacies.
Prescriptions for Pets are on the Rise
Prescriptions for Pets are on the RiseWhat you need to know when filling prescriptions for Fido and Fluffy.
Pharmacists Help Boost Adherence RatesVanderbilt Specialty Pharmacy has created a model to integrate its pharmacists into its specialty clinics.
Edaravone (Radicava) for ALS
Edaravone (Radicava) for ALSEdaravone has been approved for patients with amyotropic lateral sclerosis.
Prescription Take Back Day: This Year with TimerCapsThe twice-annual event will feature a new incentive this October.
AST: The Linchpin of Antimicrobial StewardshipAntimicrobial susceptibility testing (AST) for newer antibiotics is falling behind because there is a lag time between FDA approval and inclusion in commercial AST devices.
High-Alert Medications
High-Alert MedicationsHigh-alert drugs pose a significant threat to patient safety. There are safeguards that pharmacists should put in place to reduce the risk.