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Top 10 Drug Topics Web Articles of 2017
Top 10 Drug Topics Web Articles of 2017Our 10 best articles, based on the number of views.
No Matter the Law, Pharmacists Need to Know About Cannabis
No Matter the Law, Pharmacists Need to Know About CannabisPharmacists should take a leadership position on medical cannabis.
Biosimilars for Cancer Drugs Move AheadBiosimilar to Herceptin Is Approved and Neulasta biosimilar does well in studies.
Generic Viagra Could Save Patients MillionsBoth Pfizer and Teva have brought out generic versions of Viagra, a boon to the millions of men with erectile dysfunction.
Can the New Shingles Vaccine Attract More Takers?The availability of a better shingles vaccine may attract more people to be vaccinated.
What Triggers Shingles?What causes the dormant Varicella zoster virus to erupt as shingles?
Bovine Insulin Is Being DiscontinuedPatients will soon have one less option when selecting insulin.
New Research Suggests the Immune System Could Aid In Regulating Insulin in Type 2 DiabetesThe immune system could play a beneficial role in regulating insulin, according to a study from Switzerland.
Good News for Health-System Pharmacists
Good News for Health-System PharmacistsAn ASHP survey found that more pharmacists are being hired due to expanding roles.
A Bigger Role for Pharmacists
A Bigger Role for PharmacistsFrom bioterror attacks to the opioid epidemic, pharmacists are in a great place to help.