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Compounded Injectables RecalledUnited Pharmacy is recalling glutamine/arginine/carnitine injections.
Insulin Drug Prices Are on the Rise and States Want AnswersSeveral state attorneys general are asking pointed questions about why insulin prices are rising.
Five Strategies to Reduce Psychological Insulin ResistancePeople with diabetes may have PIR, where they resist starting on insulin therapy, but pharmacists can use these strategies to help them.
What Makes a Successful Antibiotic Stewardship Program?By understanding factors associated with successful ASPs, we can determine how best to support hospitals in developing good stewardship practices.
Startup Offers Deliveries and RemindersScriptDrop's delivery and medication reminder service may help reduce prescription abandonment and nonadherence.
Pharmacy Supply Lines Are Still Shaking After Storm Passes
Pharmacy Supply Lines Are Still Shaking After Storm PassesTwo hurricanes devastated the U.S. supply chain, affecting pharmacies all over—and leaving many to wonder what’s next.
Blockchain Tech Could Track Pharmacy Supply ChainA technology called blockchain could give pharmacies the ability to securely track pharmaceuticals and protect privacy.
Take a Cue from Your Queues!Queueing theory can help pharmacy managers control lines, wait times, and staffing issues.
Pharmacists Work Through Northern California Firestorms
Pharmacists Work Through Northern California FirestormsIn the middle of terrible disaster, pharmacists were there.
Postherpetic Neuralgia: Cause, Treatment, and AvoidanceFor some, the pain of shingles does not fade and turns into postherpetic neuralgia.