Law Reauthorizes FDA Fees and Increases Access to Generics/BiosimilarsSenate passes FDARA overwhelmingly, ahead of September deadline.
Gottlieb Pushes for Generic Drug AccessBrand name drug companies are "gaming" the system, according to the FDA head.
New Bill Could Force E-prescribing
New Bill Could Force E-prescribingLegislators say it will help ease the problem, but the NCPA says it’s just one part of the solution.
Mylan Finalizes $465 Million EpiPen Settlement
Mylan Finalizes $465 Million EpiPen SettlementThe settlement is the end of a long legal battle.
Express Scripts Limits Opioid Prescriptions
Express Scripts Limits Opioid PrescriptionsThe PBM giant is cutting down on the number of opioids new patients can buy.
Walgreens Launches Site for its Outcomes Research Studies
Walgreens Launches Site for its Outcomes Research StudiesNew Walgreens website will showcase the chain’s research on adherence and other topics.
Inconsistent Labeling of Sulfites Could Cause HarmA tricky labeling system could be affecting your patients.
Job Market Shifting for Pharmacy School Grads
Job Market Shifting for Pharmacy School GradsWhere are today's grads going (and why are there fewer of them)?
Generics Savings Continue, but Work RemainsGeneric drugs make up 90% of prescriptions.
Biosimilars Market Taking Off in the United StatesAfter many years of speculation, a number of biosimilar drugs are hitting the U.S. market.