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When Going the Extra Mile isn’t EnoughWhat do you do about the customer who is never satisfied?
Addiction Risks Rise after Day Three of an Opioid PrescriptionThe length of an initial opioid prescription influences the risks of long-term use.
Reducing Taxes and Regulations Trumps Price ControlsTrump's strategy to lower Rx drug spending.
Prescribing rights: Worth it?Pharmacists are now recognized as providers nearly everywhere—now that they have the status, what does it mean?
Fighting Opioid AbuseHow pharmacists can help fight the battle.
FDA Approves Rucaparib for Advanced Ovarian CancerThe New Drug Review for April
Anakinra for RA and Refractory Idiopathic Recurrent PericarditisCardiac Matters—What you need to know about anakinra
Drug Spending Slows for Major Pharmacy Benefit Managers
How Pill Bottles Can Deter Opioid Misuse and AbuseSpecial pill bottle caps can help reduce medication misuse and abuse.
Alternatives to OpioidsHow Trinity Health and Pacira are minimizing opioid use.
How Drug Companies use Loopholes to Delay Generic Drug ApprovalsThe citizens petition process is being used to delay approval of generic drugs.
New Opportunities in Health Economics and Outcomes ResearchSchools of pharmacy are offering fellowships, certificates, and other training for a value-based health-care system.
NECC and Future of Compounding PharmacyCompounding pharmacist's case hinged on whether he was "willfully indifferent."
CE: Diabetes: Setting the stride to improve glycemic control