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Pharmacies Prepare for Back to SchoolPharmacists are a source of education for students and parents.
Bread Baking and Health CareMaybe the health-care industry could learn something from Pete Kreckel's mother.
Casting Doubt: Are Compound Interventions Effective?How can we better engage patients for greater adherence rates?
Increased Psychiatric Med Use Means Expanded Pharmacist RolePatients need more help managing complicated meds than ever—and pharmacists are there to help.
Residency Programs: Not Enough to Go AroundWhy are residency programs becoming harder to find?
Merger Failure: New Industry Direction?The failed Rite Aid/Walgreens merger might mean the end of business as usual.
Kmart Opens First Telepharmacy with Plans for MoreThe first test store in Des Plaines could be just the start.
Ocrelizumab for Multiple SclerosisThe FDA has approved ocrelizumab for treating relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis and primary progressive multiple sclerosis.
Temperature Control Is Key to Vaccine StorageIs your pharmacy's refrigerator maintaining the right temperature?
Inconsistent Labeling of Sulfites Could Cause HarmA tricky labeling system could be affecting your patients.
Job Market Shifting for Pharmacy School GradsWhere are today's grads going (and why are there fewer of them)?
Generics Savings Continue, but Work RemainsGeneric drugs make up 90% of prescriptions.
Biosimilars Market Taking Off in the United StatesAfter many years of speculation, a number of biosimilar drugs are hitting the U.S. market.
Biosimilars Have Entered the Market, But Are They Safe?Biosimilars are starting to come on the market, but some have questions about their safety.
Retailers and PBMs Laud Generic/Biosimilar SavingsSavings from generic and biosimilar drugs are making PBMs and pharmacies, as well as patients, happy.
Pharmacists: Key Players as Biosimilars Enter the MarketPharmacists will have a central role in educating about biosimilar drugs.
Biosimilars Come to Community PharmacyBiosimilars are now being dispensed from community pharmacies.