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Two Crucial Skills Pharmacists Will Need to Succeed in the FutureAs robotics and other systems improve, the physical aspect of pharmacy dispensing is bound to change how pharmacists do their job.
First in Class Drug for Glaucoma: What Pharmacists Need to KnowNetarsudil opthalmis solution (Rhopressa, Aerie Pharmaceuticals), is approved by the FDA for treatment of elevated intraocular pressure in patients with open-angle glaucoma or ocular hypertension.
Four Ways Pharmacists Are Fighting Opioid AbuseGreater awareness of the dangers posed by prescription opioids is changing pharmacy practice.
Small Doses: March 2018 EditionEasy-to-swallow news and studies for the busy pharmacist.
How to Manage Medication RisksManaging the overall risk of medication therapy is more effective than simply managing drug-drug interactions.
Hospital Pharmacists Struggle with Sterile Water for Injection ShortageHow one health system is coping is coping with the shortages.
Suboxone and the PharmacistPhysicians, providers, and the broader community need to find a more economical way of treating the patients struggling with opioids.
How Hospice Pharmacists Deal with Constipation