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Is the pharmacist shortage over?

Many independent and small chain pharmacies nationwide are seeing flexible spending account transactions declined, pushing patients out of independent pharmacies and into chains.

Overweight and obese people constitute a majority in the United States. Universal access to healthcare will mean fat people, too. Thousands of obese people, uninsurable today, will get full coverage, and expensive prescriptions for obesity-related illnesses will clog the tube.

A successful pharmacy practice rests on customer service, patient care, and career satisfaction. This story illustrates all three.

When pharmacies are planning their quality assurance or continuous quality improvement plans, they need to determine whether their goals are strictly conformity with state and federal requirements, or something more.

A webinar examining the pharmacy error that led to the death of a two-year-old girl and the conviction of an Ohio pharmacist criticized the legal system for criminalizing the event as well as the flawed hospital procedures that prevented discovery of the pharmacy tech's fatal error.