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    Telcare’s new blood glucose meter connects patients with pharmacists wirelessly


    Telcare in Bethesda, Md., recently launched a new cellular-enabled blood glucose meter (BGM) that transmits patients’ readings to their doctors, pharmacists or caregivers through wireless technology.

    “The objective is to connect patients with their caregivers and families and do it without additional costs to an already expensive illness. The patient does not have to do anything extra,” said Telcare CEO Jonathan Javitt, MD, MPH.

    The Telcare BGM automatically uploads testing data wirelessly to the Telserve database. A message appears after every test, and personalized messages can be sent to the Telcare BGM. Physicians and other healthcare providers have the ability to access the patient’s testing data through the provider portal.

    “It is a real opportunity for pharmacists to connect with diabetics on an ongoing basis, and bring them back to the store for counseling,” Javitt said.

    Users can access the data on the web or on their mobile devices. The technology works with the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, and will soon be available on the Android platform. Studies with patients using the device are underway, but Telcare will not have data to report for around a year, according to Javitt.

    Now, patients and healthcare providers only can order the devices from Telcare’s website. However, the company is evaluating “invitations to get into the retail space.”