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AMP repeal bill likely

Pharmacy organizations are pushing hard to introduce new legislation in Congress that would repeal all or parts of the final average manufacturer price rule recently released by CMS. Congressional insiders are hoping that the Patient Access to Medicaid Generic Prescription Drugs Act would help reverse the most troubling aspects of the AMP rule. In contrast to the AMP rule, which many experts expect would decrease generic utilization, the bill is expected to mandate that states must achieve a 65% generic utilization—a 10% rise over current levels. The bill also includes a new formula that would require CMS to collect data from retail pharmacies-excluding mail—order pharmacies and others that receive special discounts-to determine the actual retail acquisition cost of generic drugs. The bill, which was not formally introduced by press time, is sponsored by Nancy Boyda (D, Kan.).

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The research side of Abraxis BioScience will now be called APP.

The report gives side-by-side comparisons of 11 drugs used to treat the condition.

Results showed 23% of dermatologists now utilize photodynamic therapy to treat actinic keratosis, and 50% of dermatologists have decreased their reliance on antibiotics to treat acne out of concern for growing resistance.

The product was recalled because the meters reported the wrong units of measurement for Canadian users.

Congress inserted a little-noticed provision into the Iraq war supplemental spending bill, mandating the use of tamper-resistant Rx pads for Medicaid prescriptions not submitted electronically.