Clinical News

Fighting Opioid Misuse: The Numbers
Fighting Opioid Misuse: The NumbersSo just how much naloxone is getting out? How many pharmacies EPCS enabled?
How to Raise Diabetes Drug Adherence
How to Raise Diabetes Drug AdherenceNew study shows that a Universal Medication Schedule could help diabetes patients.
Bill Would Protect Compounded Drugs
Bill Would Protect Compounded DrugsThe IACP is excited about new legislation that could help compounding pharmacists.
Phillips Recalling All Topical ProductsThe FDA found uncontrolled manufacturing practices.
AMA Wants Drug Prices in AdsThe AMA is pushing for greater drug pricing transparency.
Drug Maker Ordered to Shut DownAfter repeated infractions, a company is forced to shutter its doors.
Are Rebates Responsible for Higher Drug Costs?A new study shows how the Medicare donut hole could be costing patients.
Omnicell System Streamlines Medication ManagementNew technology is helping patients, nurses, and pharmacists alike.
Pharmacy Education: Foundation for Providing HealthAACP offers a rebuttal to Drug Topics opinion article.
Immunizations Across the Adult Lifespan
Immunizations Across the Adult LifespanVaccinations in adulthood play an important role in public health and in reducing the morbidity and mortality associated with infections.