New Markets: A prescription for independent pharmaciesAn inquisitive civilian went on the hunt for the secret to independent pharmacy success. Here's what he came up with.
Pharmacy should be shaken AND stirredWhat our profession needs right now is some attitude. Seriously.
Are pharmacists slipping in the popularity polls?Are pharmacists losing the love?
Balancing good customer service with good patient health careThe United States may be the world's last bastion of customer service. Inherent in our national psyche is the expectation that when we pull out our wallets to purchase something, whether a product or a service, we have a right to satisfaction.
OSHA says, Oh, yes, you canKnowledge is power. In case you haven't looked at your company's P&P manual lately, contributor Steve Ariens takes you straight to a very basic reason for staying informed.
Mentors, peer review, and the oath of a pharmacistProfessions survive and prosper when mentors and their juniors embrace one another respectfully and cooperatively for the progressive promotion of their vocation. In this way, the seniors would not carry their valuable professional experience to their graves, and the juniors would not commit irreparable blunders as they enter the stage of practice.
Where to from here? Pharmacy's evolving optionsIn this month's DT Blog post, contributor Stan Illich outlines some innovations that could strengthen the practice of pharmacy, benefit patients, and assist providers. Now, if we can just work out the bottom line . . .
State Boards of Pharmacy -- watchdogs or lapdogs?When most of our pharmacy practice acts were first promulgated, our profession consisted mainly of independently operated community pharmacies, and the pharmacists who ran them volunteered to operate the state Boards of Pharmacy. Things are different now.