Who will stand up for pharmacy?An 89-year-old woman walked 3,200 miles in 14 months for a cause she believed in — and then got herself hauled off to jail for reading the Declaration of Independence in the Capitol Rotunda in Washington, D.C. If she could show up for her cause, suggests Kim Ankenbruck, RPh, what are we willing to do for ours?
The pain-med choke pointSuppliers continue to restrict pharmacy access to controlled substances, leaving many chronic pain patients without the help they need. Contributor Steve Ariens retails the latest findings.
The political-medical complexRemember President Eisenhower’s coinage “the military-industrial complex”? Here’s a contemporary analogue, spotlighted in a passionate argument by Drug Topics reader Robert L. Mabee, RPh, JD, MBA.
My way to give back: A Kickstarter program to engage girls in science careersA campaign to encourage girls to explore careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.
You get what you needIn an open letter to Jim Plagakis, a JP fan decides that even when a paradigm is shattered, there is still value to be had in picking up the pieces.
Pharmacist reality check: It's all relativeJim “Goose” Rawlings, a popular Drug Topics contributor, shares a little story from his student years that packs a big punch.
Issues arising in chain-store pharmacyHere’s more front-line testimony that every bench pharmacist can relate to. One of these days, working conditions like these will be history. What’s it gonna take to get the ball rolling?
Clinical decision support: Laying an effective foundation for the future of care delivery
Management Toolbox: Five aspects of motivating and empowering your team through changeHow to lead a great team by being a great team leader
Pharmacy stamp reduxIt took the sustained efforts of a few dedicated individuals to persuade the U.S. Postal Service to create a postage stamp honoring pharmacists. To commemorate some of those men and their work, reader John W. Owen, Sr., RPh, speaks up