Flying into pharmacy (eyes wide shut)From reader Bill Tarr comes the second article in Drug Topics' new series, Pathways through Pharmacy. While the first signs of his professional direction may have come as something of a surprise, he rose to the challenge and found that it gave him a vehicle for the good life.
The Pharmacy Physician AssistantPhysician Assistants. Nurse Practitioners. Nurse Clinicians. Nurse Anesthetists. Need we say more?
Four prescriptions for successful pharmacy practiceThe most powerful drug in your pharmacy is not what you may think.
All in the family: Two generations in pharmacyWith this article, a group project from reader Pete Kreckel, Rph, and his wife, daughter, and son-in-law, Drug Topics launches a new series that will present your stories: how you came to pharmacy, how your path unfolded, and where it led you. Our goal is to show new pharmacists how many choices and opportunities appear to those whose minds are open to new possibilities. Here's your chance to share what you have learned through your life in pharmacy! Send your contributions to [email protected] today.
Recollections from a marked pharmacistEvery now and then when I'm listening to the radio in the car and I hear a female singer lamenting something or other, I think to myself, “That girl is singing my song.” When I read your blog post titled “A dose of pharmacy truth: Report from the front lines,” I almost fell out of my chair, because you were singing my song. I have been that marked pharmacist, except I call it PTFD ([pharmacist targeted for destruction). I didn't coin that term until after I'd already been fired.
Pharmacists respond: Kim, you are not aloneHours after we posted Kim Ankenbruck's “A dose of pharmacy truth: Report from the front lines,” the responses started showing up. Here's a collection of the early returns.
A dose of pharmacy truth: Report from the front linesKim Ankenbruck's first blog post, "Who will stand up for pharmacy?," got her an avalanche of e-mail. We asked her for an update, and she sent in a real doozy.
Help stamp out pharmacy tobacco salesTwo hardcore public health campaigners urge you to join their movement to stamp out pharmacy tobacco sales.
When valid prescriptions are refusedWhen patients present valid prescriptions for controlled medications and pharmacists refuse to dispense, the patients have options. And the ADA is just the beginning.
Is there age bias in pharmacy?Remember Goose Rawlings’ story in the February issue of Drug Topics, the one about the young pharm school graduate who thought older pharmacists should step aside and leave their jobs to new PharmDs? Boy, did we get mail.