DIR Fees: Just One of Many Reimbursement Battles
DIR Fees: Just One of Many Reimbursement BattlesReimbursement issues, sadly, aren’t anything new for pharmacies.
Pharmacy Education: Foundation for Providing HealthAACP offers a rebuttal to a Drug Topics opinion article.
DIRs: PBMs Pay Less Each Year While Prices Go UpPBMs have a business model where they pay less even while prices go up.
Pharmacy education and provider statusA 60-year debate accompanied the elevation of pharmacy education to the doctoral level. When the provider status bill now moving through Congress is enacted into law, it will put paid to that particular conversation.
Dear pharmacists: Are those white coats really necessary?Quasi-religious symbol? Sign of enforced conformity? Emblem of arrogance and superiority? Or simple professional attire? You decide.
How pharmacists can find jobs, get paid, and win provider statusIf nothing changes between now and 2018, we may see a 25% oversupply of pharmacists in the marketplace. Then again, we may not. What happens between now and then is, in large measure, up to us.
Pharmacists and phone etiquetteSometimes it's not the demanding customers or condescending physicians, it's their own colleagues who drive pharmacists right up the wall.
A drugstore on every corner: Turning points in community pharmacyHow did local drugstores end up at the mercy of drugmakers, pharmacy chains, insurance plans, and PBMs? Here's a look back from someone who watched it happen.
Are community pharmacists an endangered species?Where is retail pharmacy headed? A look at where it's coming from may shed some light.
Pharmacists and cognitive dissonanceWhat do you do when you've got half a dozen warring paradigms inside your head?