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Oregon Sends Home Students Lacking ImmunizationsOn “School Exclusion Day” in Oregon kids without the required vaccines are sent home.
Targeted Vaccination Can Stop EpidemicsA study of simulated epidemics has found that targeted vaccinations is more effective than a quarantine or taking no action at all.
Data Shows Nonmedical Vaccine Exemption Rates StabilizingNonmedical exemption rates for childhood vaccinations appear to have hit a plateau.
Majority of Adults Are Unaware of Recommended Adult VaccinesLess than 3 in 10 adults know they need vaccinations, which leads to low vaccination rates.
Flu Vaccine Could Provide Long-Lasting ProtectionA flu vaccine that is effective for several years is showing promise.
Oral HPV Infects 1 in 9 men in AmericaEleven million American men have oral human papillomavirus infections, which can lead to head and neck cancer.