The antisubstitution controversy: Going strong in '72
The antisubstitution controversy: Going strong in '72Nowadays, we think of generics as economical options. Not so long ago, plenty of folks thought of them as sacrilege.
PBMs, wholesalers, and contracts 101Independent pharmacists can benefit from negotiating their own contracts, but they've gotta keep their eye on the ball. Here are a few tips.
One thing we can do about the opioid epidemicIt's a modest proposal with potential for significant consequences. And all it will cost is a little more time.
Four people, a dozen pharmacy careers
Four people, a dozen pharmacy careersWho says the options are limited? Not this family.
Buying groups: A powerful resource for indie pharmaciesThey arose to give independent pharmacies buying clout with wholesalers. Now these groups have become full-service organizations with the tools and talent to support successful competition in a chain- and PBM-dominated world.
Former Walgreens exec honored for contributions to pharmacyAPhA's honorary president of the year talks about his proudest achievements and his vision for the future of the profession
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Building an integrative pharmacy practice: Learn as you goInterested in finding out what integrative/functional pharmacy is all about? Here's a list of resources to get you started — and a thought to take away.
Community pharmacists in California see greater opportunitiesThe California legislature is considering a bill covering comprehensive medication management services under Medi-Cal.