Pharmacy Technology: Disruption or Improvement?
Pharmacy Technology: Disruption or Improvement?Is new technology actually making pharmacy any better (or easier)?
Blockchain Tech Could Track Pharmacy Supply ChainA technology called blockchain could give pharmacies the ability to securely track pharmaceuticals and protect privacy.
Are You Keeping Your Patients' Digital Info Safe?
Are You Keeping Your Patients' Digital Info Safe?Ransomware and cybersecurity threats expose patients to risks.
Pharmacy 2028: A Look Ahead
Pharmacy 2028: A Look AheadHere's the technology your pharmacy might have in the next 10 years.
PrescribeWellness Expands Rx Reminder CapabilitiesUsing a system that automatically contacts patients with prescription reminders and other information can boost loyalty and star ratings.
Omnicell and CompleteRx Join Forces
Omnicell and CompleteRx Join ForcesTwo groups join up to help the Massachusetts State Office of Pharmacy Services.
New Partnership Aids Specialty Pharmacists
Omnicell System Streamlines Medication ManagementNew technology is helping patients, nurses, and pharmacists alike.
Surescripts Expands Medication History ServiceMore information could help save lives.
Automated IV Compounding Increases Patient SafetyAutomating an IV system is time and cost efficient.