Pharmacy Schools

Pharmacy Education: Foundation for Providing HealthAACP offers a rebuttal to Drug Topics opinion article.
Staff Burnout Rates are High at Pharmacy SchoolsA study found that pharmacy practice faculty experience high rates of emotional exhaustion.
Drug Diversion on the Rise at VA Medical CentersThe Associated Press is reporting that federal authorities are ramping up investigations at VA and federal medical centers due to an increase in diversion of opioids and other problems.
Remember When: You first heard the pharmacy school question?
Remember When: You first heard the pharmacy school question?If you’re a pharmacist, you’ve undoubtedly heard the question, Are there too many pharmacy schools?
Directory connects pharmacies and mental health patientsA project that began a few years ago has resulted in a new, nationwide directory of pharmacies.
The red pen rules: How to prevent pharmacy errorAnxious new pharmacists get a shot in the arm from columnist Pete Kreckel, RPh.
Drug take-back: A call for a permanent solutionA coordinated effort needs to be made to preserve the health and safety of life on earth.
Three tips for new pharmacy graduatesRetired pharmacist offers valuable suggestions
Pharmacist surplus could be a good thing—eventuallyDavid H. Kreling, PhD, a professor at the School of Pharmacy, University of Wisconsin, Madison, and the principal investigator for the ADI project for the Midwest Pharmacy Workforce Consortium, thinks a surplus of pharmacists could spur positive change.