Pharmacy News

Key performance metrics and age discrimination in pharmacySince age discrimination is illegal, managers are going to look for a workaround. That's where key performance metrics come in.
We have met the enemy, and he is usYou want to see change in the way pharmacists are treated? Change what you're doing — and start with incorrect Rxs.
Private necessities in the personal care aisleBashful customers may prefer not to discuss certain products, but they're still going to look for them on your shelves.

You want fries with those meds? How ’bout some very fast surgery?"I want it and I want it NOW" is not always your best move. Especially with the pharmacist who is filling your Rx.
Pharmacy tales: The man who out-Shkrelied ShkreliCan you say "Risperdal," boys and girls?
Pharmacy in a showcase: A push for professional advertisingWhat if the national and state pharmacy organizations combined to get their message out? And what if they linked that message to a series of national and international events?

Case study from an integrative pharmacyHow to take in the Big Picture, New Pharmacy-style.
Is corporate pharmacy shooting itself in the foot?Maybe retail pharmacy organizations should take a look at their priorities before they find themselves at an evolutionary dead end.
Compounding: A core competence for pharmacistsDrug Topics' peripatetic pharmacist-correspondent reports from FIP 2015 in Dusseldorf.
Medical marijuana: A new business model for pharmacistsIf you enjoy working one-on-one with patients and have an entrepreneurial spirit, this might just be for you.