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Pharmacy News

Rxs for antipsychotics to treat ADHD on the rise for young in foster care
Nearly one-third of the ADHD-diagnosed foster-care youth received atypical antipsychotics regardless of age group.
Pharmacist follow-up can reduce readmission rates of lower-risk Medicare patients
Study finds that targeting the pharmacy service to patients who are most likely to benefit is important.
FDA requires label change for Doribax; increased death risk cited
“Healthcare professionals should consider whether the benefits of Doribax treatment are likely to exceed its potential risks in patients who develop pneumonia while on ventilators,” says FDA.
The changing world of hepatitis C
Groundbreaking new therapies for HCV are now available. As experts in screening and treatment guidelines, pharmacists can lead in managing these new options for patient care.
Drug Topics Voices 04-10-2014
Letters, e-mails, comments, and posts from Drug Topics readers
New treatment combo for hep C virus infection, genotype 1
Once-daily simeprevir should be used in combination with peginterferon alpha and ribavirin. It is not a monotherapy.
Topical agents can safely relieve muscle aches, pains
Like oral medications, topical analgesics can offer patients well-controlled pain relief, but they do so without adverse systemic effects.
Federal judge slams secrecy of compounding pharmacies
As opposition to execution drugs grows, manufacturers are cutting off supplies and compounding pharmacies are under pressure.
Diversion of opioids: Red flags and green flags
Things aren't as simple as the DEA would have us believe.
AHA and ASA issue guidelines for stroke prevention in women
Conditions targeted by the first guidelines geared specifically to women include migraine, high blood pressure, preeclampsia, and atrial fibrillation.
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