The FDA Warns Against E-Cigarettes
The FDA Warns Against E-CigarettesA youth education campaign about e-cigarettes is part of FDA’s tobacco/nicotine plan.
Faster Drug Approvals Mean Healthier Patients (Maybe)
Faster Drug Approvals Mean Healthier Patients (Maybe)How the FDA is prioritizing drugs that offer the biggest health gains.
Increased Poison Center Calls Due to Supplements
Increased Poison Center Calls Due to SupplementsA new study shows that supplement exposure rates have been increasing—pharmacists have a responsibility to slow those rates.
Cyclobenzaprine HCl and Amantadine HCl RecallsAspace Packaging recalls two drugs due to potential mislabeling.
Biosimilar of Remicade Launched
Biosimilar of Remicade LaunchedRenflexis has wholesale cost 35% below Remicade.
The 5 Latest FDA Drug Approvals
The 5 Latest FDA Drug ApprovalsThe FDA has already approved 24 new drugs in 2017. Here's what you need to know about the latest 5.
FDA Approves First Drug for Sickle Cell in 20 YearsEndari is only the second FDA-approved sickle cell disease drug.
FDA Fast-Tracks Orphan Drugs
FDA Fast-Tracks Orphan DrugsThe agency is trying to deliver on its goal of a 90-day response time.
Compounding Pharmacist Indicted After Infant HospitalizedThe owner of Indiana-based Pharmakon Pharmaceuticals is charged with distributing adulterated drugs and lying to the FDA.
NECC Owner Sentenced
NECC Owner SentencedThe NECC tragedy comes to a close as Barry Cadden is sentenced.