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On July 10th Drug Topics and University of Connecticut School of Pharmacy moved our CE activities to a new learning management system to better serve you. The login to the Online CE Center is

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Continuing Education

MTM essentials for anticoagulant management in cardiovascular disease: New September CPE available
With the dramatic increase in anticoagulant options, pharmacists play an important role in the prevention and treatment of thrombosis.
Dr. Marc Bloomenstein discusses crowd-sourced learning at Vision Expo West
Heading to Vision Expo West 2014 in Las Vegas? Dr. Marc Bloomenstein invites you to participate in the crowd-sourced learning classes.
LIVE SPECIAL EVENT October 18, 2014: Medication Management for Patients with Diabetes CPE Series

MTM essentials for atrial fibrillation and drug-induced arrhythmia management: New August CPE available
Afib management relies on drugs. Pharmacists must be ready with the latest treatment recommendations for providers and patients.
MTM essentials for antiplatelet therapy in cardiovascular disease: New July CPE available now
An important treatment option in CVD, oral anti platelet agents complicate patient drug regimens. Pharmacists who best understand their characteristics can best serve patients.
MTM essentials for heart failure management: New June CPE available
In the management of HF, pharmacists can help ensure the safe and effective use of evidence-based therapies for best outcomes.
MTM essentials for hypertension management Part 2: New May CPE available
By identifying and resolving drug-drug interactions and other AEs, pharmacists play an important role in managing antihypertensive drug therapy.
MTM essentials for hypertension management, Part 1: New April CPE available
Management of hypertension in geriatric patients can be complicated. Nonpharmacologic treatment strategies such as lifestyle management can be important variables.
MTM essentials for management of CAD and PAD: New March CPE available
Treatment of CAD and PAD includes pharmacotherapy and lifestyle modifications. For patients, guidance and support from pharmacists can make a big difference.
MTM Essentials for Cholesterol Management: New February CPE available
The goal of this activity is to empower pharmacists to use current understanding of cholesterol management to improve patient care.
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MTM essentials for hypertension management, Part 2: Drug therapy considerations

MTM essentials for hypertension management, Part 1: Nonpharmacologic therapy and geriatric considerations