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CVS pharmacist: Chain doesn’t care about usRepresentatives of Teamsters Local 727 recently distributed leaflets outside Chicago-area CVS stores that accuse the retail chain of mistreating pharmacists by overworking them in understaffed pharmacies.
The biosimilar balance: More options, lower costsThe fly in the ointment: CMS' current plan for HCPCS codes is a real buzz kill.
Walgreens, Qualcomm, United Healthcare partner through data exchangeEveryone profits, including patients, who get paid almost $1,500 in HSA credits for their data — if they do as they are told.
Pharmacy techs: Many skills, varying responsibilitiesPharmacy technicians can do much more than just stock shelves and manage inventory. And the possibilities increase by the day.
The antisubstitution controversy: Going strong in '72
The antisubstitution controversy: Going strong in '72Nowadays, we think of generics as economical options. Not so long ago, plenty of folks thought of them as sacrilege.
Walgreens sending medical marijuana smoke signals?Walgreens’ posting of a sympathetic blog about the use of medical marijuana has created quite a buzz, with some online observers speculating the retail chain has its sight on that lucrative industry.
One thing we can do about the opioid epidemicIt's a modest proposal with potential for significant consequences. And all it will cost is a little more time.
Four people, a dozen pharmacy careers
Four people, a dozen pharmacy careersWho says the options are limited? Not this family.
Does videotape support CVS or fired pharmacist?That’s the question a Richmond, Va. jury will decide in a case involving a pharmacist who accuses the retail giant of defamation, false imprisonment, malicious prosecution, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.