Monica Shah, PharmD
Monica Shah, PharmD is a Clinical Pharmacist at RWJ Barnabas Health in New Jersey and adjunct faculty member at Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy at Rutgers University.
Anakinra for RA and Refractory Idiopathic Recurrent Pericarditis
Anakinra for RA and Refractory Idiopathic Recurrent Pericarditis
Cardiac Matters—What you need to know about anakinra
The year's Top Drugs
The year's Top Drugs
Specialty medications dominate
Update on Diabetes Therapy
Despite evidence that optimal glycemic control can help reduce disease progression and complications, most patients do not achieve recommended treatment goals.
A multifaceted approach to diabetes management
New treatment options range from novel insulin therapies to GLP-1 agonists, DPP-4 inhibitors, SGLT-2 inhibitors, and more.
Psychiatric pharmacists help optimize patient care
As clinical specialists, these pharmacists are in the best position to monitor psychiatric patients, who often have other medical issues and are receiving additional drug therapies.
Pharmacist interventions help boost patient-satisfaction scores
When clinical pharmacists spend time talking with patients, the positive feedback goes up.
New malignant hyperthermia antidote: Convenience worth the cost?
A new dantrolene sodium suspension with improved properties offers an advantage over the older formulations— and a much higher price tag.
What's on the horizon for diabetes therapy?
SGLT2 inhibitors, GLP-1 receptor agonists, inhaled insulin, extended-release treatments, and fixed-dose combination therapies are among the approaches that have emerged to treat the exploding numbers of type 2 diabetes patients.
DQSA: New regs give FDA broader powers over compounding
A direct response to the devastating fungal meningitis outbreak linked to NECC, the Drug Quality and Security Act gives FDA needed regulatory power to oversee compounders.
Expanding the pharmacist's role in MTM services
Medication therapy management offers pharmacists a chance to provide more patient care. MTM also provides a way to compensate pharmacists for these services.