Carol Ukens
Carol Ukens, a former editor at Drug Topics, is a freelance writer based in New Jersey
Pharmacist helped shape U.S. history as Tuskegee Airman
Pumping adrenaline as German planes roared in from behind his squadron in the skies above Anzio, Italy, the rookie pilot jettisoned his P-40 Warhawk's empty external fuel tank to gain speed. Bracing for his first dogfight, he failed to switch on the main fuel tank. A hand-me-down from the Flying Tigers, complete with Chinese writing in the cockpit, the plane's engine cut out.
America's oldest pharmacy: Carl's Drug keeps on ticking
John Quincy Adams had been earning his annual $25,000 salary as the sixth U.S. President less than two months when Dr. Adam Carl opened his drugstore in the small south central Pennsylvania town of Greencastle.
Pay dirt: Pharmacist salaries are still climbing, but at a slower rate. Our exclusive survey shows who gets top dollar
Pharmacist salaries are still climbing, but at a slower rate. Our exclusive survey shows who gets top dollar.
It's show time: Pharmacists can't put off providing medication therapy management services any longer
Public and private payers seemingly intent on wringing the last bit of profit from drug distribution have forced pharmacy to a "critical juncture," according to Bruce Roberts, R.Ph., executive VP/CEO, National Community Pharmacists Association. He believes that if the profession is going to survive, let alone thrive, it must erect a new model built around paying pharmacists for providing face-to-face medication therapy management (MTM) services.
Washington State nixes cursive scripts
Washington State pharmacists are wondering if they are expected to be the penmanship police since a new law decrees that prescriptions in cursive handwriting are no longer considered to be legible.
The Pharm.D. system—A reality check
Pharmacists are still divided over whether the mandate to drop the B.S. degree was a bad call
New bar-code scanner simplifies drug ordering
Emerlyn Technology has introduced OneScan, a handheld universal bar-code scanner that simplifies drug product ordering for pharmacists. Used with Emerlyn's SureCost global pharmacy e-procurement system, OneScan can reduce product cost up to 3% by maximizing vendor agreements and contracts in a real-time environment.
Florida Supreme Court affirms R.Ph.s' duty to warn
The Florida Supreme Court recently added another brick to the increasingly solid legal wall of opinion that pharmacists have a duty to warn. The high court decision sent a lawsuit involving a drug overdose death against two pharmacies and a physician back to a lower court for trial.
Staff R.Ph. pay nears six figures, survey finds
Reflecting the economic consequences of a manpower shortage, the median total compensation of staff pharmacists is pushing six figures, according to the latest survey from Mercer Human Resource Consulting.