Nicholas Hamm
Sodium Bicarbonate Injections Recalled
The recall is a major setback in the ongoing sodium bicarbonate shortage.
AMA Wants Drug Prices in Ads
The AMA is pushing for greater drug pricing transparency.
Are Rebates Responsible for Higher Drug Costs?
A new study shows how the Medicare donut hole could be costing patients.
Generics Market Expected to Explode in Next Five Years
The U.S. market remains the largest single-country market in the world.
How Should Opioid Addiction Be Treated?
As the opioid crisis worsens, debates rage about the best methods to combat it.
Staff Burnout Rates Are High at Pharmacy Schools
A study found that pharmacy practice faculty experience high rates of emotional exhaustion.
Where Are the New Antibiotics?
With the threat of superbugs and the possibility of an antibiotic-less future, alternatives are needed now.
Pharmacy Groups Warn Trump About Drug Imports
NACDS and APhA warn that letting Americans buy foreign drugs could be disastrous.
What You Need to Know about Chronic Care Management
What You Need to Know about Chronic Care Management
Reimbursement, initiation, and what pharmacists can do.
How Pharmacists Can Team Up with Physicians to Improve Care
Increased collaboration with physicians means better health outcomes, but what does that look like in the real world?