Eddie Morales, RPh
Pharmacist Eddie Morales is leading the charge to unionize in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New Jersey. For more information, go to www.cvsworker.com. Contact Eddie at [email protected] for information on unionization initiatives and activities in other states.
Pharmacists and unionization: It’s later than you think
Pharmacists need to unionize. You've heard all the reasons. Here's another one -- and it's time-sensitive.
Key performance metrics and age discrimination in pharmacy
Since age discrimination is illegal, managers are going to look for a workaround. That's where key performance metrics come in.
Pharmacists' futures and the math behind unionization
Tired of all those 12-hour days? If nothing else, a union will get you paid.
Pharmacists of America: Which side are you on?
To relieve intractable working conditions, pharmacists will have to join together. It's time to unionize.