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Ten things health plans, providers should do to combat obesity
Ten things health plans, providers should do to combat obesity
Obesity affects almost 38% of U.S. adults, according to the CDC’s National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. Here’s how plans and providers can create positive change.
CMS dual-eligible demos called into question
GAO report raises questions about programs for Medicare/Medicaid beneficiaries, but industry insiders remain optimistic.
Four takeaways: California’s 13% exchange premium increase
Given what will occur in California, what should executives be aware of? What does the future hold for exchanges nationwide? Experts weigh in.
Seven healthcare questions the candidates aren’t answering
Clinton and Trump are keeping mum about some healthcare issues, and that’s raising some critical questions. Managed Healthcare Executive asked industry experts to comment on what topics presidential candidates are being quiet about, and why they suspect they’re not talking about them.
What drives patients to medical tourism destinations
Find out what drives patients to international destinations for treatments and what these destinations provide.
Medical tourism grows in popularity: What execs should know
As payers look for growth opportunities internationally, they should watch nother growing trend: medical tourism.
Consumers exploit health insurance exchange loopholes
Consumers exploit health insurance exchange loopholes
Health plans have found that Affordable Care Act (ACA) exchange plans are plagued with loopholes, and that some consumers are taking advantage.
Four biggest challenges in diabetes health management
We recently asked experts to define the top challenges associated with diabetes health management, and how health plans can overcome them.
Top drivers of diabetes care costs
How much does diabetes cost the healthcare system and what's driving cost increases? Find out.
Remote monitoring of diabetics: Applications and reimbursement
Here’s how remote monitoring works to improve diabetic patient care, and a look at whether payers are paying for it.