Dennis Miller, RPh
Dennis Miller is a retired chain-store pharmacist living in Delray Beach, Fla. He welcomes feedback at [email protected] His books "Chain Drug Stores are Dangerous" and "Pharmacy Exposed" are available at
Pharmacists write in: Worst mistakes, Part 1
Pharmacists open up about the ones that haunt their dreams.
Pharmacy mistakes, Part 3: State BOPs and public safety
When people are injured by pharmacy mistakes, it is a public safety issue. Where are the state boards of pharmacy?
Who is to blame for pharmacy mistakes?
When multiple factors are involved, the issues may not be as clear-cut as you think.
My most serious pharmacy mistake
Over the course of a career, errors are inevitable. For pharmacists, who never forget that lives are at stake, the prospect is chilling. Yet close calls still happen. This was one.
Should pharmacists be entrepreneurial?
The urge to amass wealth is a great motivator in the making and selling of commodities. But for delivery of healthcare services? Maybe not so much.
How much of pharmacy theory is really based on science?
If you're Dennis Miller, the answer is a dozen more questions, and some of them are doozies.
What I wish I had learned in pharmacy school
What I wish I had learned in pharmacy school
Looking back, what do you think was missing from your pharmacy education? And what should a 21st century curriculum include?
Drugs or lifestyle changes? Are pharmacists pill-happy?
Have pharmacists uncritically accepted the pill-for-every-ill mentality?
Why I wrote Pharmacy Exposed
30 years and 750 pages later, Dennis Miller reports in
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