Peter A. Kreckel, RPh
Bread Baking and Health Care
Maybe the health-care industry could learn something from Pete Kreckel's mother.
Staffing Makes the Difference
It isn't the number of prescriptions that makes a good day in the pharmacy, it is the staffing.
Technology: It is Here to Stay
Pete Kreckel has a love hate relationship with technology.
When Going the Extra Mile isn’t Enough
When Going the Extra Mile isn’t Enough
What do you do about the customer who is never satisfied?
Getting Reimbursed for Services Rendered: It’s no Magic Trick
Pharmacists use their expertise to help patients -- as well as insurance companies. But we do it for free!
Networking: The ability to make yourself uncomfortable
For true networking to occur one has to give of oneself, and maybe not so ready to be on the take.
Do Clothes Make the Pharmacist?
People are looking--and judging.
The red pen rules: How to prevent pharmacy error
Anxious new pharmacists get a shot in the arm from columnist Pete Kreckel, RPh.
How to find satisfaction and reward in your pharmacy career
There are so many opportunities for pharmacists out there. Technology can help uncover them, and we can follow them to a fulfilling career.