Kelly Howard, BS, PharmD, BCPS
Kelly Howard is a blogger and freelance pharmacist in Southeastern North Carolina. Contact her at [email protected] or
A doctor of pharmacy and proud of it
Don't diss the title. Others will take you at your word.
10 pieces of unsolicited advice for new pharmacy graduates
For newly fledged pharmacists, a few solid tips on how to honor your patients, your profession, and yourselves.
10 reasons I’m still proud to be a pharmacist
Written by a pharmacist who has endured through thick and through thin, these 10 tips remind pharmacy professionals that they have plenty to take pride in.
10 reasons pharmacists should volunteer their time and expertise
If it’s a positive return on investment you seek, look no further than your local free medical clinic.
10 tips for landing your next pharmacy job
The following comes to you courtesy of someone who wishes she’d had this list three months ago …One day you wake up and go to your job, and the next day you don’t have a job to go to. It can be that simple and that complicated, but the real question is, WHAT DO I DO NOW?
Recollections from a marked pharmacist
Every now and then when I'm listening to the radio in the car and I hear a female singer lamenting something or other, I think to myself, “That girl is singing my song.” When I read your blog post titled “A dose of pharmacy truth: Report from the front lines,” I almost fell out of my chair, because you were singing my song. I have been that marked pharmacist, except I call it PTFD ([pharmacist targeted for destruction). I didn't coin that term until after I'd already been fired.
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