Kimberly A. Ankenbruck, RPh
The good, the bad, and the gray areas: Where are your ethics?
Kim Ankenbruck has a knack for expressing what many of her fellow pharmacists are thinking. Here, she tackles the question of how to practice integrity in an environment designed to punish the attempt.
A dose of pharmacy truth: Report from the front lines
Kim Ankenbruck's first blog post, "Who will stand up for pharmacy?," got her an avalanche of e-mail. We asked her for an update, and she sent in a real doozy.
Who will stand up for pharmacy?
An 89-year-old woman walked 3,200 miles in 14 months for a cause she believed in — and then got herself hauled off to jail for reading the Declaration of Independence in the Capitol Rotunda in Washington, D.C. If she could show up for her cause, suggests Kim Ankenbruck, RPh, what are we willing to do for ours?