Robert L. Mabee, RPh, JD, MBA
Robert L. Mabee is a pharmacist and attorney practicing in Sioux Falls, S.D. He also holds an MBA. Contact him at [email protected]
Reducing Taxes and Regulations Trumps Price Controls
Reducing Taxes and Regulations Trumps Price Controls
Trump's strategy to lower Rx drug spending.
Is corporate pharmacy shooting itself in the foot?
Maybe retail pharmacy organizations should take a look at their priorities before they find themselves at an evolutionary dead end.
Provider pharmacists and union employees
In this country, the practice of pharmacy is valued in two markedly different ways. Consequently, two different responses are necessary.
Rx drug use: Treat, don't indict
Two agendas interfere with the delivery of appropriate healthcare services by pharmacists and physicians, and patients take it in the neck.
Pharmacist providers will fill gaps in healthcare, control costs
When pharmacists achieve provider status, patients will benefit, payers will save on costs, and providers will get an assist. So what's holding things up?
Retail pharmacy returns to primary care
When consumers have to pay for their own healthcare, their first stop will be the corner drugstore. Get ready.
Is the ACA treating America without informed consent?
If the draft of the legislation was aimed at misleading the voters, as one of the drafters appears to have admitted, such conduct could constitute gross negligence.
The pharmacist's role in a changing healthcare landscape
The pharmacist's role in a changing healthcare landscape
Whether ACA thrives or bombs, the future is likely to bring upheaval that results in cost savings and improved delivery of healthcare services.
The Pharmacy Physician Assistant
Physician Assistants. Nurse Practitioners. Nurse Clinicians. Nurse Anesthetists. Need we say more?
The political-medical complex
Remember President Eisenhower’s coinage “the military-industrial complex”? Here’s a contemporary analogue, spotlighted in a passionate argument by Drug Topics reader Robert L. Mabee, RPh, JD, MBA.