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Mark Lowery an Editor for Drug Topics magazine.
Some of the best Drug Topics covers ever
Which one is your all-time favorite?
Thieves targeting pharmacy delivery vans
As pharmacies take steps to curb in-store robberies, thieves are increasing targeting the delivery vans that transport prescription painkillers from warehouses to pharmacies and hospitals.
Insurer placing pharmacists in patient-centered medical homes
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (BCBSM), in collaboration with the University of Michigan Health System, is placing pharmacists in patient-centered medical homes (PCMHs) throughout the state.
CVS manager implicated in pharmacy robberies
Police in West Virginia have arrested a CVS manager for aiding two other suspects in robbing the Charleston store where she worked.
Pharmacists respond: Is CVS’ acquisition of Target pharmacies a good thing?
Does this consolidation bode well for pharmacists? We asked pharmacists across the country to weigh in.
Pharmacist featured in HBO documentary on heroin addiction
Starting on December 28th, HBO will begin airing a documentary by award-winning director Steven Okazaki about the heroin epidemic sweeping the country.
Protect your pharmacy against cyber and physical attacks
Pharmacies are just as vulnerable to cyber attack as they are to break-ins and robberies. Here's what you have to watch out for.
Digestive problems: Head them off or treat them after they strike
'Tis the season for celebration, overindulgence — and tummy troubles. Here's some help, just in case.
Pharmacists respond: Is job satisfaction too much to ask?
In his recent, two-part series, Dennis Miller opined that large, enviable paychecks are still plentiful, but job satisfaction remains elusive for many pharmacists working for retail chains.
2015’s Top Cities for pharmacists
An online consumer advocate group has named Huntington, West Virginia the best U.S. city for pharmacists in 2015.