Mark Lowery, Editor
Mark Lowery an Editor for Drug Topics magazine.
Through the teeth, over the gums: Pastes, whiteners, and more
Products for adults and children line pharmacy shelves, with plenty of child-friendly options for parents teaching oral hygiene to the young.
"Bitter ender" holds out against corporate pharmacy
"Bitter ender" holds out against corporate pharmacy
Back in 1974, Drug Topics foretold the battle fought by corporate America over state regulation of pharmacy ownership. Here's what we said then — and here's how it turned out.
25 Cities With The Highest Pharmacist Salaries
The average salary for pharmacists in the United States can vary greatly by location.
New publication provides guidelines for dosing obese patients
A new publication from the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists is designed to help clinicians determine proper medication doses for obese children and adults.
Walmart ordered to pay pharmacist $31 million for wrongful termination
A federal jury in New Hampshire has ordered Walmart to pay $31.22 million to a pharmacist who said she was fired after complaining about safety conditions and because of her gender.
Pharmacists respond: What kinds of pharmacists get under your skin?
Readers react to Dennis Miller's latest blog.
California hospital using ingestible sensors to track med use
Barton Health recently began using digital sensors compounded in medications to provide insights about medication use for patients dealing with uncontrolled and co-morbid hypertension.
Two Kentucky schools offering fast-track pharmacy degree
Indiana University Southeast and Sullivan University’s College of Pharmacy are collaborating to help students become licensed pharmacists five years after graduating high school.
Funny, memorable, and not so politically correct ads from our past
These portraits of Americana were sometimes funny, always creative, and often not so politically correct.
Fighting off cough and colds
According to the Centers for Disease Control, adults in the United States have an average of two to three colds per year. Children have even more.