Mark Lowery, Editor
Mark Lowery an Editor for Drug Topics magazine.
Does videotape support CVS or fired pharmacist?
That’s the question a Richmond, Va. jury will decide in a case involving a pharmacist who accuses the retail giant of defamation, false imprisonment, malicious prosecution, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.
Another state shields identities of providers of lethal-injection drugs
Virginia recently joined Arizona, Georgia, Ohio, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Arkansas in attempting to protect pharmacies, pharmacists, and doctors involved in executions from harassment and threats for death penalty opponents.
Pharmacist whistleblower awarded more than $5 million
A South Carolina pharmacist has been awarded $5.4 million as part of a Pennsylvania company’s agreement to pay more than $34 million to settle federal claims it paid kickbacks to medical suppliers.
Strange, offbeat, and obscure medicinal facts
How do you relieve a child’s nasal congestion? Some people once thought rubbing warm whiskey on a child’s sole would do the trick.
Bill authorizing Medi-Cal payments for MTM introduced
A bill that would authorize California’s Medi-Cal program to reimburse pharmacists for medication therapy management has been introduced in the State Legislature.
Albertsons accused of failing to pay overtime, provide meal periods
A California pharmacist recently filed a class action lawsuit against Albertsons, accusing the grocery chain of failing to pay overtime or allowing mandated rest and meal periods for its pharmacists.
Pharmacist job market improves
Following a disappointing November report indicating the nationwide supply of pharmacists had exceeded available jobs, the Pharmacy Workforce Center this week released analysis showing an improved job market in both December and January.
Would partial fill curb opioid abuse?
In an attempt to curb prescription opioid abuse, two members of Congress recently introduced legislation that would allow pharmacists to partially fill opioid prescriptions.
Vintage images from our past: 1910-1920
These images originally appeared between 1910 and 1920.
What should be done about the oversupply of pharmacists?
For years, anecdotal evidence suggested the increase in pharmacy schools and resulting spike in new graduates, as well as the slow track toward provider status, might be creating more pharmacists than available jobs.