Mark Lowery, Editor
Mark Lowery an Editor for Drug Topics magazine.
Signs of a weakening pharmacist job market
An expert with 35 years' academic and professional experience calls it like he sees it.
Pharmacy leader treks across America
Bruce Kneeland is on the hunt for unique indie pharmacies across the country.
Can this student with cerebral palsy thrive in pharmacy school?
Last month, Kelli Sem was granted conditional acceptance into the pharmacy school at North Dakota State University (NDSU). Her acceptance has gained widespread attention because Sem, 23, has cerebral palsy, uses a motorized wheelchair, and most-likely will need an assistant to act as her hands to meet certain laboratory requirements.
Court: Wrongful death case against pharmacy can proceed
A Florida appeals court recently ruled that the estate of an Ohio man who died from a fatal dose of pain medication could sue the compounding pharmacy that filled the prescription.
25 Cities With The Lowest Pharmacist Salaries
Where do pharmacists earn the least?
Below-cost Rxs: One state just says no
Starting in July, a new law in Mississippi will allow a pharmacy to refuse to provide drugs or services if it is not paid more than acquisition cost.
CVS pharmacist: Chain doesn’t care about us
Representatives of Teamsters Local 727 recently distributed leaflets outside Chicago-area CVS stores that accuse the retail chain of mistreating pharmacists by overworking them in understaffed pharmacies.
When those tootsies need some TLC, help is at hand
Plenty of options on the pharmacy shelves to keep those dogs from barking.
Pharmacy school’s inaugural graduates flush with job offers
Cedarville University’s (CU) School of Pharmacy in Ohio recently held a hooding ceremony for its first PharmD graduates.
Another university considering another pharmacy school
This time it's Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers