James Rawlings, RPh
Pharmacists, be careful out there
With pressure on pharmacists constant and intense, integrity is your best safeguard. Don't let it slip away.
How is the ACA like Grandpa’s WC?
Goose Rawlings has the answer. And it's not what you think.
PD, BS Pharm, RPh, PharmD: We're all in this together
Why aren't we helping our colleagues, instead of trying to push them aside? Why aren't we creating a pathway for experienced pharmacists to get more training?
Rx for demoralized pharmacists everywhere
Acrobats working 50 feet in the air without a net have the guts to jump. Think about it.
True believers: It’s time to control our destiny
Pharmacists need to believe in the basic skills that were once taught. We need to practice pharmacy in the traditional sense.
Pharmacists, can I get a witness?
There is no testimony without tests. How are we handling ours?
They shoot horses, don't they?
With horses, it happened when they couldn't work anymore. Pharmacists, not so much.
The shell game
Now you see it, now you don't . . . the big pharmacy school con
Tough week for pharmacy
One bunch of pharmacists won't forget National Pharmacists Week any time soon.
C’mon, folks, give them the chair!
Popular contributor "Goose" Rawlings offers a simple solution to a universal problem.