Mari Edlin
Mari Edlin is a frequent contributor to Managed Healthcare Executive. She is based in Sonoma, California.
Attention to MLRs misguided; insurance net costs declining
Private healthcare premiums increased by nearly 15% from $697 billion to $801 billion between 2005 and 2009, reports the National Institute for Health Care Management.
Short-cycle prescribing puts a lid on waste
Managed care organizations are developing programs to reduce a small niche of waste associated with early discontinuation of medication therapy.
Medicaid growth adds more managed care membership
Unemployment is stagnating growth in the commercial sector, but driving up enrollment in Medicaid managed care.
Traditional tools can be applied to specialty pharmacy management
By 2014, specialty pharmaceuticals will account for the majority of total drug spend, according to industry experts.
Plan data can alert physicians to pain medication abuse
Pain medications for chronic conditions are making it on the list of the most frequently used drugs for some health plans.
Formulary strategy requires frequent review by plan sponsors
Quarterly formulary reviews are the most common but not the only choice among sponsors
Drill deeper to uncover variation across geographic areas
Sometimes supply drives demand. That's one of the often cited conclusions reached by the Dartmouth Atlas Project focusing on supply-sensitive care.
Encourage clinical evidence for pediatric medication use
Studying drugs in younger populations is challenging, and the scarcity of pediatric studies limits the ability of doctors and scientists to accurately predict drug dosing, safety and efficacy in children.
More drugs being abandoned at the pharmacy counter
Drug abandonment can be attributed to a number of factors
Digital health coaching brings care management to everyday life
As the healthcare industry pumps up its use of technology, digital health coaching is catching on.