Mari Edlin
Mari Edlin is a frequent contributor to Managed Healthcare Executive. She is based in Sonoma, California.
Predict drug adherence or pay more in future costs
Pharmacists are an underutilized resource in the effort to keep members adherent
HHS invests $150 million in enrollment
Literacy, language barriers, confusion call for combined efforts to raise awareness
PBMs concerned oversight involves conflict of interest
State boards of pharmacy would have access to proprietary data that PBMs want to protect
Multidrug therapy for Hepatitis C can reduce treatment timelines
Interferon-free solutions expected soon.
Advocate safe use of pain drugs
Plans can help reduce prescription drug abuse by advocating appropriate use.
Payers consider audit process for specialty
Despite front-end scrutiny, payers seek audit process to improve high-cost specialty pharmacies.
Part D private market continues to be an industry hot spot
Part D program exceeds industry expectations
Clinical pathways guide treatment but don't dictate regimens
Oncology pathways can lead to quality programs and more cost-effective care for cancer patients.
Drug price guarantees another arrow in the quiver
Are drug-price guarantees here to stay?
Electronic prior auth offers real time response
Prior authorization doesn't have to rely on paper forms and telephone requests.