Jiehyun Lee, PharmD
Jiehyun Lee, PharmD, is medication management clinic supervisor at Backus Hospital, Norwich, Conn., and adjunct assistant clinical professor, University of Connecticut School of Pharmacy, Storrs, Conn.
CPE UPDATE. Diabetes mellitus: Pathophysiology, diagnosis, screening, and risk factors
CPE UPDATE July 1, 2015. Goal: To assist pharmacists in understanding the pathophysiology and risk factors of diabetes mellitus to help facilitate appropriate screening, diagnosis, and management.
CPE UPDATE. Insulin therapy for diabetes care management
CPE UPDATE JULY 1, 2015. Goal: To discuss the place in therapy, efficacy, adverse events, administration, and patient education for insulin therapy for the management of diabetes
CPE UPDATE. Macrovascular and microvascular complications of diabetes mellitus
CPE UPDATE. Goal: To assist pharmacists in recognizing significant complications associated with diabetes to help prevent the development or progression of complications and improve diabetes care.
Helping patients with diabetes and visual or manual impairment (part 2): Medication administration
Part 2 of this article discusses assistive devices that help impaired diabetes patients self-administer medication.
Helping patients with diabetes and visual or manual impairment (part 1)
Learn about assistive devices and strategies to help improve care for these particular patients.