Ernest P. Gates Jr., RPh, FASCP, FIACP, FACA
Ernest P. Gates Jr. is the president of Gates Healthcare Associates (, a Massachusetts-based pharmaceutical and healthcare consulting firm.
How the NECC Case Changed Compounding Pharmacy
Because of the NECC Case, the nation has a much more consistent approach toward regulating and overseeing compounding pharmacies.
Compounding after NECC: Higher standards, superior outcomes
Sterile compounders have voluntarily undertaken several upgrades to their processes and products. The results benefit patients, pharmacists, and the profession overall.
Quality assurance in a post-NECC world
Six steps compounding pharmacies can take to create and maintain a culture of quality assurance
Specialization is pharmacy's future
It may seem like pharmacy has reached a very low point. One pharmacist argues that specialization could be the best way forward.
Pharmacists and MTM: Move out from behind the counter
Nothing is more valuable than observing and interacting with a patient--something that can't be done when you're working eyes down on a bench.