Tracey Walker
Interoperability a must for hospitals, but it comes with risks
One expert says the interoperability of medical devices, especially of IoT medical devices, creates soft spots in an organization’s security framework.
Top data analytics challenges facing healthcare organizations
A sneak peek at the findings from our 2018 Technology Survey reveal where healthcare organizations are struggling most when it comes to interoperability and Big Data.
NIH to collect Fitbit data for research project
Fitbit devices will be used for an NIH research program to explore the influence of behavioral, biological, and environmental influences on health.
Five ways Trump’s tax reform will impact healthcare
If signed into law, Trump’s tax reform will have substantive impacts on healthcare organizations and on individuals.
Changes to federal, state interoperability legislation: What to know
The regulatory landscape for interoperability is changing, according to Mildred Segura, partner at international law firm Reed Smith.
No insurance is growing problem for heart patients, providers
Two new studies address the financial implications of unexpected major healthcare expenses for common cardiovascular conditions and procedures.
Is there a simple fix for the Part D discount program?
A poll from the Biosimilars Council, a division of the Association for Accessible Medicines, has interesting findings about placing biosimilars and branded biologics on a level playing field to save money.
Kentucky opioid program drops dispensing by 50%
Howard Shaps, MD, senior medical director, WellCare of Kentucky, shares details about the Medicaid insurers’ pilot program designed to fight the opioid epidemic.
Study defines ‘low-value care,’ evaluates toll on healthcare industry
A new study led by UCLA researchers has eye-opening findings about low-cost, high-volume unnecessary healthcare. These low-value services may surprise you.
Federal program aimed at reducing readmissions raises concerns
A new study has shocking findings about death rates in heart failure patients enrolled in the Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program.